Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled!

Now, the world thinks peace is when there is absence of trouble, when everything is perfectly fine, but no, we are not talking about that kind of peace. For that kind of peace, you have to wait for a very long time for everything to be perfect and at the end of the day, the peace never comes. That state of nothing bad ever happening, no bad news; that state may never come but God says ‘I would give you My peace.’ That peace there is shalom and it has the connotation of soundness. It has the connotation of wholeness. It has the connotation of productivity. So when Jesus said my peace I give to you, the peace He is not talking about is not that there would be no trouble but that in the face of trouble, you have an assurance in your heart. In the face of problem, there is some calmness around you. In the phase of bad circumstances, you still know that God is for me.